Friday, April 8, 2011

April Smiles

Energy abounds in the springtime! I love the chance to dig in the dirt, see the hydrangeas bud, clip the first giant rose bloom and bring it inside. I also love the infusion of energy that young moms add to my day when we share the week's joys and struggles together as we did yesterday.

Today's moms have abundant resources that overflow with fingertip accessibility. At-home moms need never feel isolated when there is such a supportive community available at the drop of a few keys. Making connections has always been important, and the possibilities are limitless as we are encouraged and inspired by new friends - even those we have not had the chance to meet face to face.

Hundreds of talented writers await at 5 Minutes for Moms' Ultimate Blog Party through this week of April. I have found some great articles and fabulous tips. (See button on the side bar for more info.) Sometimes that is all you have - about five minutes! - to take a moment for yourself. Make it count in any way that you need.

And that may be a prayer.....or it may be a NAP.

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  1. Just found you on the UBP! So great to meet you :-) I love the message on your header...seeing the sacred in the everyday. May we be always on the lookout for glimpses of Him all throughout each day.

    joy & blessings,