Friday, May 27, 2011

Take Note of Simple Joys

Spring rain falls gently on the roof. Songbirds fill the early morning punctuating the just-light sky with new sounds.

An attic fan whirs overhead, drawing cool, almost-mountain air in through the windows as they appear to swell and relax with each fresh breath.

Three of my favorite things in one morning! I'm counting my blessings.

4. Hot coffee in a large mug.

5 and 6. Warming cinnamon chip scones from my sister-in-law, Nancy, who always knows how to provide for her guests in the mostly generous and loving ways.

7. A day off for a change of pace. or Pace.

8. A day with my daughter before her summer job in N.C.

This way of viewing life -- of noticing gratitude in the small things -- doesn't require numerals and lists, but it can help us as we pause and take notice.

Noticing and giving thanks -- that is the key. Else it slips by unremarked, and we move through our days oblivious of the many gifts we have.

Take note today.

And give thanks.

I enjoyed Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts last week. Perhaps you will too. See her thoughts written daily at her beautiful site


  1. i think i'd love this book! i'm glad you're having a nice time...praying for marita this summer :)

  2. Spring Rain is, definetly, a blessing.
    Specially after a hot and breathless week.

    Family - with or without cinnamon chip scones - is also a big blessing.

    For me to "meet" new people and new sites in www is trully a blessing.

    Never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful, generous with their sharings and heart warming, people exist in the world.

    Wish you a nice and blessed weekend.

    P.S. Going to have a look on Ann's blog. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for coming up to NC with me! I loved getting to enjoy the beautiful daily blessings with you! love you

  4. Jumped over from Ann's ... for me it was iced coffee after a long walk with a friend!

    Blessings on you day ... Beth

  5. Cinnamon chip scones sounds lovely:)
    I have recommended Ann's book to so many people. It is neat to see so many looking for their blessings, recognizing them each day.
    Visiting from Ann's place

  6. This way of viewing life -- of noticing gratitude in the small things ...
    such a wonderful discovery, isn't it!?