Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Days

Savoring this day.....

Ten years ago I had one week on the beach to myself. No car. No company. No laptop. Some would be miserable.

I embraced the solitude and beauty and found that I was never really alone. I felt myself growing in awareness of other things without the demands of meeting the needs of others which is a necessary part of life.

I chronicled the days to keep it alive in memory in my 2001 journal.

Today I have one such day alone!

One day every ten years. Does that make it a pattern? A beach day to cherish.

Alone on the beach...beginning the day from my perch with hot coffee in a favorite spot through the past 20 years...overlooking the dunes and tumbling surf...reading...walking... thinking...praying...processing life. And I am so thankful.

Out of a thankful heart come lessons and preparation for the seasons of life yet to come. I want to delight in this day.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10


  1. what a wonderful gift for the day!! i remember you telling me about that week you spent alone at the beach - i imagine it was lovely and so focusing. wish we could be at the beach with you guys!

  2. what a gift..... you know I can feel it with you.....alone! praise God for this blessing!

  3. I don't think I would enjoy an entire week, but a day for myself would indeed be a treat - at the beach or elsewhere (though I understand that the beach has meaningful effect on the "exercise": the cleaning (the presence of water), fresh (the element air) and widening (the element of space).

    So lucky of, and for, you. A blessing indeed that all those who private with you will, indirectly, cherish also.

    Enjoy and Be Grateful!