Friday, September 9, 2011

Living in the Real World

"Real spirituality dawns when our life with God becomes as real as the problems and joys we experience each day. Until then we live in two different worlds: one, a seemingly real, practical and demanding world; the other, a wistful, so-called 'spiritual' world... This separation cannot remain if all our life is to be filled with real meaning."

~ from
Everyday Simplicity by Robert J.Wicks

Photo of sunrise over Mississippi dove field, September 2011

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  1. This quote so speaks to my heart. In our morning prayer, I always encourage my boys to have relationship with God, to seek Him out, read His word, talk to Him. As we do that, create a dialogue with him then we experience the realness - not just read about it! What a perfectly wonderful quote to encourage me to continue reminding my sons!!!