Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Basics - Again

What a joyous opportunity to serve with great love in small ways last week in N.C. with Cindy! When we tend, nurture, serve and offer a peaceful setting for healing and renewing a body under physical stress of disease, perhaps some of that comes back to us as caregivers and convicts that we need to take our own advice:

Get plenty of rest.
Exercise daily.
Drink lots of water.
Eat well.
Stay actively engaged in things worthwhile.
Spend time in thoughtful prayer and meditation.
Go to sleep early enough to greet the day well-rested.
The Basics.

Haven't we heard that somewhere before? So why do we not do consistently what we know to be true? Sure, we go at it in fits and starts, but our zeal fades somewhere along the way. Having seen the benefits of creating a safe space for nurturing health, I am trying to replicate the same in my own home with renewed commitment.

I even learned some surprising medical discoveries about the power of contemplation and prayer to alter the brain. Amazing. Will share later...

God be with you and yours as the days unfold before us
, and I pray we can receive with grace whatever comes to us this day. Amen.


  1. I'm happy that you're back and with that fullfillement that dedicating to others give.
    Waiting for your sharings on Cindy's condition and your own appreciations and views of what you experienced.
    I tried to join the site you suggested but got a message I couldn't, they weren't accepting more signing ins... but I prayed for your strength and hers.
    Take Care,

  2. i love all of these things!! a great reminder to keep healthy and peaceful. i'm especially fond of the sleeping ones :)