Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh Insights

A foolish consistency
is the hobgoblin of little minds....

Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

Genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an un-habitual way.

William James 1842-1910

Habits are hard to break. We can become addicted to our own habits and patterns, making them rituals in our day. There is both comfort and confinement in this routine. Emerson's excerpt from Self-Reliance mentions a foolish consistency. Note, he did not discourage consistency, only that which is unexamined.

Take a fresh look at what we do day to day that becomes the cumulative expression of our priorities and convictions. Let us examine our habits to see if our actions align with what we say we value and hold dear. If there is 'foolishness' there - unhealthy patterns and things that do not add to the quality of our relationships or support the needs of ourselves or others - then make a change.

Consistency is sorely needed in child-rearing, in communicating love and respect, and in maintaining healthy relationships, but that consistency is best fueled by wisdom. To be able to change course as needed and to alter our behavior and habits is not whimsical or ephemeral, but necessary as we respond to a changing landscape which is the terrain of our lives.

Be willing to be misunderstood by others, to be different and swim against the flow. A slavish adherence to popular culture and opinion binds the mind and heart. A heart and mind constricted results in small thinking. Be open to fresh insights in the day. God can touch us in the most unexpected moments when we are open to a fresh brush with the Spirit.

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  1. as always, thank you for the inspiration. i've been rereading some of your older posts over my lunch break. your blog is a comfort to me!