Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Life for an Old Singer

After writing about the state of the union's grievous generation-skipping home ec skills, I have tuned in to recent news this week of twenty-somethings who are already well underway in various life pursuits which address the generational domestic deficit. Case in point:

Anyone who has used the old enamel black Singer sewing machine with its fancy gold scroll work will appreciate the joy of recycling that mainstay of American domestication for use in a new decade. A talented woman with an artful touch, Sallie Kate Dean, posted some classic Singer shots with her new projects that will bring back memories.

2. Fitness, Food and Faith was the public blog by one who inspires me daily as the writer shared her zest for life and her domestic prowess, putting me to shame. She is an original Pioneer Woman without the prairie. Her blog referenced here has been privately shelved awaiting another life stage at which I suspect it will emerge in full glory. The link was originally published in this post, but is not edited. We miss it, Sam!

3. Olivia, a young Northwestern University journalism grad with a good job (no small feat in itself in 2011), also attends culinary school in San Francisco to deepen her experience and knowledge base because she wants to be a food writer. Food critics and blogs are abounding in this decade for men and women as the industries supporting them are not gender specific.

I celebrate that these and scores of other young women in 2011 are free to choose to develop that creative part of themselves and share it with others. They are as confident in the kitchen as they are in the courtroom or boardroom or hospital ER or classroom. They are not only moving with assurance to accomplish what used to be called domestic tasks, they are doing it with style and wondering what the fuss is all about. It's just life, they might say.


  1. awww, you are so sweet!! thank you for the constant encouragement. you are a wonderful inspiration to me! I think Olivia nees a blog so I can live vicariously through her culinary school experience :)

  2. This twenty-something is quite honored to be mentioned here. You are so sweet, Marita!
    I do consider trying to be stylishly domestic a top hobby! Thanks for blessing me with your words.
    Keep blogging...for His glory :)

  3. Marita, I really enjoyed your post about the disappearance of home ec, and appreciate your mention of these women who are an encouragement to us all! It was particularly wonderful to see all of Sallie Kate's amazing creations. She and I had a quick chat about photography on the wedding day, but I had no idea how incredibly talented she is!