Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day for Real Love

Don't be conformed to this world, to the pressures to consume, to buy, to display with lavish gifts, unless it comes from the heart.
The tenderest gesture--the warmest lingering hug,
the kindest words spoken with great love--
will gently wrap like cords around the lives of those who receive them entwining us to one another.

Love one another in truth and in deed. Be genuine in all your affections.

If you do not have the love and affection you long for for those presently in your life, seek after it diligently. Ask God the father of mercies to restore unto you the desire to love and the ability to act on it in ways that would be pleasing. We have seen it done thoughout the years and know it to be possible to restore lost and broken relationships.
To bring life out of death.
To give a garland of beauty instead of ashes.

And when such love is withheld by those we love, and the heart is broken, turn to the only Lover of our Souls who knows how to restore us. Know that there is One who loves with a perfect love, Who alone can meet our deepest needs.
Who stands ready to do so each day.
Who will never leave us nor forsake us.

Let not our hearts be troubled.

We will see the swirlings of commercial pageantry on this Valentine's Day followed by, 'Whad'ja get?'

Seriously? Is that what love has been reduced to? Millions of dollars of cards and candy and tidbits have replaced faithful love and commitment?

Accept no substitute when it comes to what you and I choose to GIVE: Let love be your aim.

And share that love generously!

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