Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Vow Remembered

Most of us live with a manageable level of daily fears or dreads as part of the rhythm of life. Daily reminders of God's word to 'fear not' help keep our focus away from what we fear and clearly on the One who gives strength to overcome life's challenges.

Some folks encounter terrifying, bewildering circumstances when what we fear actually comes to pass. One such person weaves in and out of my week with spontaneous appearances, a ready smile and good joke. He works nearby and pops in occasionally. I had seen him for many months before I knew the rest of the story that I share with you here.

You may have heard that we have presently a generation characterized by refusal to commit. To anything.
Ours is an age when commitment means as long as I want to do it.
When faithfulness means as long as I'm interested in you.
When vows are reduced to empty promises and hollow posing.
Shattered dreams and broken lives testify to the ravages of this mindset gone mad.

Hal's is similar to a true-story inspired film that is playing on the big screen right now as The Vow, except that his is not a Hollywood romantic comedy. He is walking it out day by day by day. We see few examples of his kind of faithful devotion in the face of hardship, so I choose to spread the word. If you want to know what commitment or integrity looks like, read further.

Thanks, Hal, for more than a faded snapshot to remind us of a great man. Your story plays reel to reel. We need more men and women like you in our lives! Thanks be to God.

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