Monday, September 20, 2010


September is a month of beginnings and endings, of the old and new. Caught somewhere between summer and not-yet-autumn, September is God's pause for reflection, a half-rest in the annual score. It is a time when being pensive is not only permissible but so healthy for our journey into the approaching days of fall and winter. Perhaps you, too, share a wistful acceptance of September, understanding that 'new beginnings often start with a small tear'.

The annual excitement over each school year, new school supplies, and Friday Night Lights in Mississippi used to make September vibrate in my memory. Now in September's wake I see hollow backpacks, forlorn bicycles, and empty beds in our home. As an eleven year old Russell said, "It's all about moving on in life." And so I move on with joy and thanksgiving for the day that is today! No time for wasted thinking or whining about aging - seize this day and pack it full with gratitude! There is yet so much for which to be thankful. I am surrounded by new beginnings each day!

The newest undertaking is this stab of writing for reflection as I find creative ways to express love and thanks for the gift of each day. I will write out of inspiration and out of obedience as I continue to grow up gracefully.


  1. what a joy to read this little blog of yours!! i pray it can be a beautiful place of expression for you. love you so much

  2. Thank you for your wisdom and reflections...I am so thankful you took a giant step and decided to write them down! What a blessing and inspiration you are to me and so very many others! I love you.