Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Common Currency

This is straight out of Dave Ramsey’s budget training: You can either tell your money where to go each month, or you can wonder where it went.

That’s all a budget is: a tool for directing where your money goes. It doesn’t just get lost; we choose to lose track of it by not directing it.

Budget is not a four-letter word, yet many find it the source of conflict in homes, perhaps because it holds us to a level of accountability we would rather not have. Our time is similar. We can be intentional about our use of the 24 hours we have as a gift each day - with no promise or guarantee of another - or we can let it slip away without acknowledging that we have just spent something of value on a worthless thing.

I squandered some hours last night on worthless tv news programs and wish I had that time back. It was easy background information, I told myself, but actually it was mind-numbingly argumentative noise. I wish I had played music instead.

"Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin

I am seeking to be intentional in writing about things on my mind as they come to me and to be responsible with the opportunity I have in writing for my children and sharing with others. But there are also delightfully refreshing and light-hearted things on my mind! I'll share them too.... I promise!

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